Hi, I'm Olivia. Thank you for being here!

I believe when we reconnect to our body, we reconnect to our truth.

I am devoted to empowering women to reclaim their sense of wholeness, inner strength & peace through yoga, embodiment, & self-care.

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What is Yoga Therapy?

"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the philosophy and practice of yoga." 

- International Association of Yoga Therapists

Yoga Therapy is a holistic therapy that attends to the whole person: body, mind, & spirit. Yoga Therapy uses the Kosha model, in which the body is seen as being made of 5 layers: physical body, energetic body, psycho/emotional body, wisdom body, & bliss body. 

Ever felt frustrated with talk therapy, feeling like something is missing & you've talked the issues to death with little change? Unlike talk therapy where the emphasis is on talking through issues, yoga therapy also incorporates the physical body, the breath, and more in order to tap into all the layers of our being. Sometimes we don't have words for things but we can find release & relief through expression of the body, in its infinite wisdom. 

This is not to pit talk therapy against yoga therapy, it's simply showing the ways in which one can complement the other. Yoga Therapists often work in collaboration with other providers, like psychotherapists. 

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What can you expect in a yoga therapy session?

Expect to be met exactly where you are. No need to have any prior yoga experience. We will always honor your experience & work within whatever physical limitations there may be. Some clients may do their entire practice in a chair, for example.

While no two sessions are the same because each client & each day is different, some things that may be included are: 

-breathing techniques

-yoga postures and somatic movements 




-yogic philosophy & psychology 

-processing through conversation


-essential oils

-therapeautic tools to be used between sessions

*Zero prior yoga experience is necessary! One of the core values of yoga therapy is to meet the client exactly where they are.* 

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How is Yoga Therapy different?

As yoga therapists, it is not our job to diagnose or tell people what's "wrong" with them. It's our job to help our clients find answers within & remember their innate wholeness. How empowering is it to remember that we have everything we need - we do not need to identify with stories of brokenness, scarcity, or lack mentality. We can remember that we are whole. 

"You are enough. You don't need another person, place, or thing to make you whole...Your job is to know it. Your crown has been bought & paid for. Put it on your head & wear it." - Maya Angelou 


The Space

I am currently available for virtual sessions through Zoom.

I am currently working out of an office in Quince Orchard Psychotherapy, pictured here. I will provide a mat & all props needed. Dress comfortably in something you can move freely in. You may want to bring a journal to jot down notes. ​

The space is located at 9707 Key West Avenue Suite 100 in Rockville Maryland.

Free Parking in Garage

Also, I am available for home visits so that you can have a private session within your own home. Willing to travel within the DMV area. 

Lastly, yoga therapy can be practiced online. Therefore, I can serve you anywhere in the world using Zoom

or FaceTime. 

Book your first appointment today! 

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