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Lighthouse Yoga

Reconnect with your body, rebuild self-trust, & reclaim your power. 

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Live Aligned

Align with your Highest Self





About Lighthouse Yoga: Classes

3 month coaching program

for the multi-passionate woman

who's here to make an impact

Empowering you to reclaim your power 

& reconnect to the wisdom of your body

so that you can live in greater alignment

with your unique purpose. You deserve it.

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coaching client

Imagine this...

You wake up without an alarm & take a big stretch in your warm bed. You enjoy coffee or tea outside overlooking nature, drinking in the sounds of the leaves rustling & the birds singing.

You take out your journal & begin your gratitude practice & set an intention for your day. You get dressed & ready to move your body in a way that feels supportive & nourishing for you that day; some days you roll out your yoga mat, other days you hit the trail or the park. Your movement practices allow you to feel embodied, strong, & grounded.


You’re lit up by the transformative work you are doing in the world; you’ve got that spark of passion inside burning strongly. Your work space is filled with plants & light & art. Your essentials oil diffuser uplifts your work space & on your desk is a warm mug of tea & plenty of water. 


Each day, you use your unique gifts to be of service & make a positive ripple effect in the world. Your work is flexible, allowing you to explore your many passions & flex your creativity freely.


You spend time outside throughout the day. You meditate & journal, reflecting on the day, noting the amazing things that happened throughout the day & feeling genuinely proud of yourself. You make time to connect with loved ones every day & value laughter & play.


You get more than 8 hours of sleep at night.


You trust yourself fully. When you get an intuitive hit about something, you take action with confidence, even when it’s hard.


You have solid, sustainable self-care rituals in place that allow you to fill up your cup so you can continue to serve others & be your best self.

Your Aligned Life​​

You deserve to reclaim your power & reconnect to the wisdom of your body. 

Sister, you are here to make waves, not play small.

You are ready to live in greater alignment with your unique purpose.

How it works

Lighthouse Yoga’s coaching program takes a holistic approach to your self-development & wellness journey. This program helps you find answers within & remember your innate wholeness.

Here's what you can expect:

Sacred container for transformation

Met you where you’re at with personalized tools & accountability

Hyped up to follow your dreams

Stress relief tools

Non-judgmental listening ear

Permission slip to go for a wild dream

Space to celebrate your transformations

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Here's what it's not:

Traditional talk therapy


Weight loss focused


Intense exercise focused

Masculine approach

Me as expert of your life


Hi, I'm Olivia! 

I empower multi-passionate women to reconnect to their bodies, rebuild self-trust & reclaim their power. In 2019, I traded an Ivy League psychology post-baccalaureate position for yoga & somatic therapy studies. After more than 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings, & more than 100 hours of teaching yoga & yoga therapy, I created Lighthouse Yoga.


With a background in psychology alongside yoga & mindfulness, a love of adventure, a track record of success in field of psychology, I’m here to help the spiritually inclined woman reconnect to her power, pleasure, & passion so that she can thrive in serving her unique purpose.


I’ve devoted myself to studying psychology & self-development for the last 7+ years. 

From alcohol research & volunteer work at the Medical University of South Carolina to serving at an Adolescent Psychiatric Day Hospital in Spain while I studied abroad to working at Yale University’s Stress Center & In-Home Psychiatric Service, I have a wealth of experience in the field of psychology. In the world of self-development & wellness, I dove deep into yoga teacher training, yoga therapy training, & have invested in multiple personal development coaching programs. I love this work & I plan to continue to be a student of it for the rest of my life.

When you reconnect to your body, you reconnect to your truth.

About Lighthouse Yoga: Classes

You're Ready, let's go!

Reclaim your wholeness, inner strength, & peace through yoga, embodiment & self-care.

Image by Aaron Burden

This is for you if you:

Have done self-development work 


Know you are powerful & meant for more


Ready to invest in yourself


Ready to be lovingly pushed to incorporate self-development tools 


Ready to take leaps of faith towards alignment


Motivated, open-minded, curious, coachable

Investing in your personal development isn’t always comfortable or second nature. From my experience working with women & through my own high level investments, I can confidently say that it’s worth every penny. I still return to my first coaching program’s materials years later because it continues to serve me.


This program is for women who are ready to do the work & take leaps of faith towards a better life. I’m here to be your Lighthouse but you’re the captain of your ship. 


Apply & book your discovery call now. I’ll learn more about you & your vision, & if we are a good fit, I will share more about how I see best supporting you. If it’s a sacred yes, I’ll walk you through the enrollment process. If it’s not a perfect fit, I’ll provide you with any resources that may be of benefit to you moving forward.

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About Lighthouse Yoga: Classes
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What I teach:

Powerful goal-setting so that you can take confident steps towards your best self each day

Create sustainable self-care practices & rituals that don’t leave you feeling burnt out or overwhelmed

Develop self-trust so that you stop second-guessing yourself & seeking external validation

Reflection practices that allow you to know yourself

Create daily rituals that support you in living your purpose

Make decisions based on intuition

Identify your core values & create a life around them

Shift from lack of self-trust & inconsistent self-care to devoted self-love & sacred self-trust. 

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