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Reconnect with your body, rebuild self-trust, & reclaim your power. 

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Empowering you to reclaim your power & reconnect to the wisdom of your body so that you can live in greater alignment with your unique purpose. You deserve it.






When you reconnect to your body, you reconnect to your truth.




Working with Olivia has been a truly beautiful and personalized experience that has inspired me along my own yoga journey. She has a way of sensing exactly how I feel and what I need from our sessions which helps me honor my body and reconnect to my breath and movement at my own pace. Her gentle and supportive personality creates a safe and inspiring place to practice, heal, and grow and I am thankful for having worked with her. Within 3 sessions, I had already reached my goals which not only felt like an amazing win, but also allowed me to continue growing in my practice. I would recommend yoga therapy with Olivia to anyone who is feeling called to yoga and desires a soulful, holistic, and  personalized approach to their healing.

Lilia G.

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I help women build sustainable self-care practices & self-trust so they can reconnect to their power, pleasure, & passion.

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Reclaim your wholeness, inner strength, & peace through yoga, embodiment & self-care.

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How is Yoga Therapy different?

As yoga therapists, it is not our job to diagnose or tell people what's "wrong" with them. It's our job to help our clients find answers within & remember their innate wholeness. How empowering is it to remember that we have everything we need - we do not need to identify with stories of brokenness, scarcity, or lack mentality. We can remember that we are whole. 

"You are enough. You don't need another person, place, or thing to make you whole...Your job is to know it. Your crown has been bought & paid for. Put it on your head & wear it." - Maya Angelou 


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