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I first became a student of yoga in high school when my mom brought me to a class at a local studio. I was amazed by the mental clarity & physical strength my yoga practice brought me, and it served as a welcome outlet from the stresses of every day life. I continued to deepen my practice of yoga during my time as a student at the College of Charleston, where I studied psychology.

After graduating, I moved to New Haven, CT to work as a Postgraduate Associate at the Yale School of Medicine, completing one year at the Yale Child Study Center as a Mental Health Counselor and a second year at the Yale Stress Center as a research associate. While working at Yale, I completed my 200 hour teacher training at the Breathing Room Yoga Center in 2019. I am currently pursuing advanced training in Yoga Therapy through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. 

Passionate about sharing the healing power of yoga, I provide a safe environment & meet my clients where they are, providing attainable tools of yoga including physical postures, breathing exercises, meditations, & other self-care rituals to support others for a life-time of vibrant health. I enjoy working with people 1:1, in group classes, & plan to offer yoga retreats. 


Why "Lighthouse Yoga"?

Lighthouses are beacons of light and hope. Strong and rooted in the earth, they help guide us home safely even after navigating through the darkest nights and the stormiest of waters. My hope as a yoga teacher & yoga therapist is to be your lighthouse, your beacon of light and hope. I will support you & offer you practices that can gently help you come home to yourself.



I can't say enough wonderful things about Olivia. I had the pleasure of doing a 90 minute session with Olivia in her private studio, which was enhanced with aromatherapy, necessary yoga equipment, and soothing sounds of the ocean. I have been doing yoga for 5 years and have learned more in one session with Olivia on posture, breathing, and alignment than the past years doing yoga. Olivia brings enlightening readings and meanings to her practice which leaves you in the moment and leaving feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Kathy M.

Having practiced yoga for nine years, I was surprised to experience new breathing techniques and poses along with an overwhelming sense of peace. Olivia has a way of explaining the poses and body alignment as well as the purpose of each and the chakras that are involved that I had not understood  before. She had lots of props to make it a comfortable and pleasant experience adding essential oils and Palo Santo which made the atmosphere zen-like. 

Several flows were completely new to me and the breathing technique was also one I had never learned. After the practice, I felt a tremendous feeling of peace that I had not felt before we started. 

She is open and interested in what students are looking for. It was a whole body workout for the body and spirit which I would like to do on a regular basis.

Kathleen R.

My yoga therapy session with Olivia was BLISSFUL. I felt deeply relaxed & grounded during our session & super energetic throughout the rest of the day. My favorite part of the session was Olivia's voice. She was the best guide & her calm energy allowed me to drift into a state of deep relaxation & healing. I recommend a yoga therapy session with Olivia to anyone who wants to feel at peace in their body.

Cortney O.

Working with Olivia has been a truly beautiful and personalized experience that has inspired me along my own yoga journey. She has a way of sensing exactly how I feel and what I need from our sessions which helps me honor my body and reconnect to my breath and movement at my own pace. Her gentle and supportive personality creates a safe and inspiring place to practice, heal, and grow and I am thankful for having worked with her. Within 3 sessions, I had already reached my goals which not only felt like an amazing win, but also allowed me to continue growing in my practice. I would recommend yoga therapy with Olivia to anyone who is feeling called to yoga and desires a soulful, holistic, and  personalized approach to their healing.

Lilia G.


"My beloved child, break your heart no longer.

Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart; 

you stop feeding on the love which is the wellspring of your vitality. 

The time has come. Your time to live, to celebrate. 

And to see the goodness that you are. 

You, my child, are Divine. You are pure. You are sublimely free.

You are god in disguise and you're always perfectly safe.

Do not fight the dark, just turn on the light. 

Let go and Breathe into the Goodness that you are." 

Swami Kripalu


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