• Olivia Roberson

On Lighthouses

I've been lucky to have spent most of my summers living with Gam, my grandmother, at the Jersey Shore in Stone Harbor. I feel so at home when I'm near the ocean. These summers have greatly influenced the lens through which I see the world. My grandma loved lighthouses & they can be seen all over her little "cottage" - in art frames, on tables, in her dish-wear & in the gardens outside, all meticulously & tastefully placed just so. Gam has been living by Marie Kondo's methods of tidiness & only keepng what sparks joy since long before it was cool. I've always been drawn to these lighthouses & their symbolism. Lighthouses are beacons of light and hope. Strong & rooted in the earth, they help guide those at sea return home safely even after navigating through the darkest nights & stormiest of waters. Because of this, I decided to name my business after the Lighthouse. It's my hope as a teacher & guide to be a lighthouse, a beacon of light & hope. I am devoted to being a support & offering practices that can gently help my clients come home to themselves. In my experience, the best teachers & therapists take this sort of approach; they embody the lighthouse. They stand rooted & strong & beam light outwards. They don't sail the ship for us, only the sailor can do that. And thank God because this is our adventure to sail.

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