• Olivia Roberson

What Joy Feels Like


Warm, salty, ocean air caresses me

Like a devoted lover.

He plays with my hair,

Whispers secrets in my ear,

& Explores my body with his insatiable touch.




He’s all around me,

Enveloping me in sensation,

Making his love known to me

Again & again

With each gentle breeze & gust.

The chimes ring,

The sea grass rustles,

The sails click against their poles,

All of us surrendering

To his tender advances.

Wind swirls all around me,

Reminding me of my form,

Remembering what I have forgotten,

Attending to every part of me.

Unrelenting & seductive,

The warm summer air ignites a spark of joy within me.

My joy spreads like wildfire with each new blow.

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