• Olivia Roberson

Why am I a coach?

I created my business because it allows me to live in alignment with my core values & answer my calling to share my gifts.

My core values are freedom, courage, adventure, authenticity & love. Coaching allows me to tap into each of these.


o As an entrepreneur, I am able to create my own schedule, my own programs, & work from anywhere. I’m free to change & follow my heart.


o Showing up as a leader & speaking my truth requires courage. As I step into my power, it’s necessary for me to be brave & show up even amidst fear & pushback.


o Starting a business is a wild adventure! I have no idea what the future holds or what is in store.


o As I step into leadership in my business & in my life, to be in integrity, I must be showing up authentically.


o All that I do in business is done in love. It is my intention to be serving a calling that is greater than me, to be of service to others.

Why might my work matter to you?

Reconnecting with your body, rebuilding self-trust & reclaiming your power is your birthright!

Too many women feel disconnected from their intuition, from their bodies and their truth. Too many women are seeking validation and living for others while abandoning themselves & their deepest desires. I get it because I’ve been there, too.

You are whole. You are worthy. Your body holds wisdom. Trust yourself. Never abandon yourself.

I see my role as a coach as embodying the lighthouse. I’m here to stand strong & rooted in the earth to shine the light outwards, allowing you, the captain of your own ship, to steer yourself home to shore.

I strongly believe in the transformative power of the tools that have supported me &I love sharing them far & wide.

It’s so important to me that you know that you’re not broken, there’s nothing to fix, & that you are already whole as you are. The more you tune into your body, the more you will tune into your truth. All the answers you’re searching for lie within you.

I’m at my best when I’m holding space for others. I love creating sacred containers that allow for transformation. While I do this, I’m allowing inspiration to flow through me. What I love most about this is not knowing what is going to happen, witnessing powerful transformation & emotional release, & arriving at newfound clarity.

What do you feel called to do? What lights you up? What are your core values?

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